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Create your own online business here in our marketplace. As a FORYOU franchise owner, you benefit from an established marketplace environment, its strong network and its established notoriety. Discover new market niches and meet customer demands with your shop.

"Retailers predict: By 2020, 40% of the international market places worldwide will be online retail.“*

*Ecommerce Foundation

Benefit from the fastest growing retail trade with one of our Online-Marketplaces of your own!

One marketplace. multiple possibilites.

Your biggest advantage: You will not start at zero. Still another: You will not be alone. We will support you in building your own FORYOU shop, employing our many years of experience as shop owners.


Years of experience: We’re shop owners as well!

Powerful Network

Cooperative promotion to increase your visibility.


Huge growth potential and worldwide distribution.

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Ready-to-Go Shops: Move in and get started!


About us.

Our portfolio – explore now!

Our marketplace thrives on the diversity of its community and its different shops. There, they bring together products from manufacturers and match services every day to meet customer needs. Sound good? You can do it too!


Products and service providers for the client. We're a community of many individual marketplaces. For each specific shop, for example, will provide different manufacturers, the products for energy production, such as solar panels and photovoltaic systems. A registered electrician in your area has the opportunity to offer a complete plan, including installation, directly to their potential customer. It’s a full-service marketplace for the customer.


We would like to have you as a franchise partner. In our FORYOU marketplace and its wide range of shops, we talk to thousands of customers worldwide daily. Get informed now!


Do better.

What we mean by sensible and better work:

Sustainability, of course!

We ship directly from the manufacturer to help protect the environment.

User friendly

We appreciate customers and give everything to keep them coming back.


Tailor-made products on request.

Total safety.

All of our FORYOU websites are certified, to keep your data safe.

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The FORYOU network is growing daily Grow with us as an online entrepreneur! We look forward to having you on board!

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